Satya Nadella on India’s controversial citizenship act and his hopes of a multicultural India

This was Nadella’s first trip to India after stoking a bit of controversy last month when he criticized the new citizenship law passed by the government of India.

Internet is a fundamental right, says the Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India has declared that the right to the internet is also part of freedom of speech and expression.

Modi 2.0… built on lies, propaganda, and bigotry

Some thoughts from a Twitter thread I did as the results of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 poured in, giving a massive mandate to BJP and Narendra Modi.

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State of 4G in India

India’s mobile market has risen dramatically over the last few years and it doesn’t look like the growth will subside anytime soon. 

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A Polio-free India, and a Personal Milestone

Congratulations to all fellow Indians as India hits the landmark three-year milestone of being a polio-free country. A great win for the health department, the agencies, and all stakeholders.

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जय हो की जयजयकार

It’s a pleasure if you have celebrated poets like Ashok Chakradhar as acquaintances. Why, you may ask? Because of gems like these which fall in your inboxes often. I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times, and you are always struck with the charm, and the genius.   जय हो की जयजयकार —अशोक […]

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Airtel limits ‘unlimited broadband plans?

This PC World news feature came as a shock: According to the revised “Fair Usage Policy” (FUP) for many regions where Airtel offers broadband service, a user on an unlimited data transfer plan avails the usual full speed until he reaches 40GB data transfer. Beyond this the transfer speed gets cut by a whopping 50 […]

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Let him know, that you know

And hereby I take the pledge to never perpetuate violence or remain silent in the face of it. to support those facing Domestic Violence. to educate myself and others about the Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005. to encourage men and women working towards ending Domestic Violence. to advocate for the immediate appointment […]

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India celebrates 60th Republic Day

India celebrates the 60th Republic Day on January 26, 2009. Here’s wishing all the friends and countrymen across the world, a happy Republic Day. Time to cheer for the sovereignty and democracy, and own up the responsibility of guarding it.   Some photos from the celebrations at my residential society at IRWO Classic Apartments, Sector-57, […]

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The master salutes the heroes

CNN-IBN brought Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh face-to-face with the NSG commandos recently. It appears to be an initiative similar to NDTV’s long-running series, ‘Jai Jawan’. The two cricketers paid their respects at the memorial, and also met the wife of Hawaldar Gajendra Singh, who died fighting terrorists at the Nariman House in the recent […]

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