Ethics Statement

Since I started writing as a professional columnist, I’ve maintained a strict set of ethical considerations to ensure my editorial independence and the integrity of the stories I’ve written. My fair, and often critical, opinions and commentary are dependent on this personal code of conduct. Of course, I also take great care to be factually correct and strive for accuracy.

Earning and keeping the trust of my readers is at the core of what I do, which is writing about technology and trends on a variety of publications – online and in print – both in India and globally.

I do not accept any preconditions for coverage, nor do I allow the individuals or companies to review my stories before they are published. Additionally, none of the company spokespersons I talk to are allowed to preview or approve interview questions (a set of talking points are often laid out to establish the theme of the interview).

As any communications professional would understand, I abide with the common ‘on the record’, ‘on background’, and ‘off the record’ practices. While ‘on the record’ is the default mode when I talk to the people in the industry in their official capacity, the other modes are possible on pre-agreed terms.

I do not accept money, gifts, or other consideration from individuals or entities as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. Any gifts of minor value that are accepted or travel and hospitality arrangements are occupational compulsions, and in no way compromise or guarantee editorial coverage of an event, product, or service.

That apart, companies often loan me devices or grant access to their services for evaluation. I may also agree to an ‘embargo’ with a company allowing me to access pre-release information on a case-by-case basis. This access does not guarantee coverage by default and which always remains my discretion. The loaned devices are returned post the evaluation period. However, some companies do offer sample units for an extended period for long-term experience.

I do not cover people or companies where I may have a personal conflict or a conflict of interest via some other professional engagement – consulting, writing, et al – at the time. My other professional engagements do not intersect with my editorial engagements. Since my wife is a digital marketing professional, she often works with brands and companies that I also work or engage with. In those cases, we maintain a strict wall of information honoring her contractual obligations and my editorial ethics.

I neither directly invest in companies I cover, nor do I own or trade individual stocks. However, I do invest in mutual funds and similar investment instruments.

Abhishek Baxi
Last updated: August 1, 2022