So long, Microsoft!



Have you quit Microsoft?
May 30, 2011 is my last day at Microsoft. Yes, I have. I joined on July 30, 2007.

Really? You were always a fan!
I still am. I love Microsoft. I’ve met some awesome folks and participated in some delicious discussions that have made me learn so much and given me some great perspectives.

Then why leave?
I leave in no grudge. And their is no love lost. I had to do something new that gives me greater value, and here I am. I need to make more money too to counter the fuel-price hike! I might shed a tear or two as I surrender my Orange badge.

Exit from the MVP group?
Well, technically, yes. I’m not in the Microsoft MVP Award program team anymore nor an MVP. However, I’ve made some great friendships and a fine network of like-minded folks within the group which would stay forever. I’ll continue to work with the same people, and on similar things.

So, what will you do?
I want to start things on my own. Do some consulting jig, some social media or online marketing strategy, web content assignments, and some technology trainings. Either or all. Now is the time to work on the framework of freelance worker.

How can we help?
Think of me when you have the requirement of hiring a vendor/contractor for any of the offerings. Beer would be on me. My profile et al is at

We’ll miss you at the next tech event!
Wait! Communities are my forever indulgence and I’ve loved to participate, moderate, and mentor several of those since my college days. I will continue to participate actively in online and offline communities, with the forever evident bias for Microsoft!

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