Amazon: Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company


The title of this post is actually the email signature of the Amazon Kindle support representative that I communicated with. I think I agree.

Here’s the story…

On my recent trip, my Kindle’s display went kaput. After some chest pain, and mild heart-attack, I called up Amazon Kindle support. Customer details, and a couple of questions later…

I’m sorry your Kindle isn’t working. I’m sending you a replacement Kindle via Priority International Courier to get it to you as soon as possible.

Wow! In less than five minutes? Blood pressure returned to close to normal.

A replacement order was created with charges and immediately refunded. The charge for the order was $204.93 ($139 Kindle + Custom and import duties), and the refund was the same amount. Essentially, no charges to me.

3 days later, in India, the replacement Kindle was received. A little dance happened.

I now have to ship the conked-off Kindle back to a Kentucky warehouse within 30 days. Okay, will do. But Amazon wants me to do a small extra bit.

Please indicate the cost of shipping you paid with your return. We’ll use this amount to reimburse your return shipping costs.

Holy schmoly! After I’ve shipped out the malfunctioning unit, I have to go to a provided link and claim refund of shipping costs back to Amazon. Blood pressure shoots up in glee!

If you’re floored by the awesome customer service, here’s the icing on the cake and choco-chip on my waffle… I bought the Kindle in US. At the time of purchase, I paid $139 only, and no Custom or import duties. Amazon chose to pay those for the replacement!

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