Cloud Computing Enables Tribune Company to move into the Digital Age

It’s wonderful to learn that media giant Tribune Company is betting on Windows Azure to help bring the company into the digital age by providing targeted content to its online readers and increased opportunities for advertisers.

Since 1847, the American Public has relied on Tribune for its news. Today, the newspaper industry faces declining readership and a tough economy. In order to stay relevant in today’s digital age, Tribune found it crucial to adopt Windows Azure to enable the company to transform from a traditional media company to an interactive and digital media company that embraces innovative technologies such as cloud computing.

Tribune is truly a media giant; it operates 8 newspapers (including LA Times and Chicago Tribune), 23 television stations and 50 websites that receive 6.1 billion page views per month. Managing these properties required that Tribune operate 32 data centers, 4,000 servers, 75,000 feet of raised floor — Windows Azure presents Tribune with an opportunity to cut the 1.5 million in annual costs spent on managing their existing infrastructure and allow for additional growth opportunities.


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