Silverlight Winter Olympics Statistics and Case Studies

Did you Know? A Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics fact sheet.

– Over 25% of the entire population of Norway viewed the Olympics using Silverlight for an average of 111 minutes each viewing!

– Host nation Canada’s CTV saw 4 million visitors consume over 6 PetaBytes, or 7 million hours of video, peaking at over 130,000 concurrent viewers. Viewers watched videos on the site for an average of 111 minutes per visit – unprecedented and great news for broadcasters and advertisers alike. [Read More]

In the United States, NBC built on its experiences using Silverlight for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and NFL Sunday Night Football. For the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, they provided live and on-demand video to an online audience of 16 million viewers, while also delivering a very sophisticated and efficient ad platform to its sponsors, making the best use of planned and spontaneous opportunities for ad insertion. [Read More]

More than 1 in 4 of Norway’s 4.8 million citizens showed their enthusiasm for winter sports by tuning into the 720p, HD, IIS Smooth Streaming experience delivered by Norway’s NRK. Viewers liked what they saw; consuming over a million hours of video in total and an average of 78 minutes each visit. [Read More]

Since broadcast HD TV is relatively new in France, France Télévisions used the opportunity to bring the HD experience to a younger generation who, in many cases, prefer to consume video on a computer. With previous successes using Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming to broadcast the Roland Garros Tennis Championships and the Tour de France cycling race, France Télévisions knew it could deliver a multi-platform, high quality live and on-demand video experience for the Olympics. With only two weeks to the event and not a single line of code written, the Silverlight Media Framework allowed FranceTV to deliver the player on schedule, resulting in an amazing average viewing time of 64 minutes. [Read More]


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