UberMOTO is a masterstroke from Uber in markets like India

It’s been over a year since Uber launched a unique mobility option in India – UberMOTO. Also available in markets like Thailand, UberMOTO enables riders looking to save time and money on short trips to book a ride on a motorcycle using the familiar Uber experience.

UberMOTO offers a convenient and affordable way for riders to commute while helping reduce congestion in the cities, pretty much aligned with the overall Uber vision.

But why is a motorbike a better mobility option than a car, especially when cheap pool options are available via UberPOOL?

One, starting for as low as ₹20 – less than half a dollar, that is – UberMOTO is the most affordable way to get to your destination. It’s even cheaper than most personal public transport options in India, like the auto-rickshaws.

Second, a motorbike is undoubtedly the quickest way to get to your destination without endless waits in traffic jams, especially during rush hours in the morning and evening. We all know how swiftly bike riders manoeuvre in traffic in India (usually to the annoyance of car drivers!). It is also a more convenient way for a quick hop to a nearby market or workplace and as a last mile connectivity option to your destination from public transport points like the metro stations.

In a country, where private cabs are still used by only a privileged section of the society and the masses commute by railway trains, metro, or buses, UberMOTO also provides a foot-in-the-door for that segment to experience Uber, and gradually move to and adopt the usual Uber options.

There are a couple of constraints as well. Unless affordability is an incentive, a lot of people don’t prefer motorbike rides due to the obvious lack of comfort. Also, one is restricted by the weather – taking a bike ride during peak summers or while it’s pouring is not everyone’s idea of commute. I’ve also heard from my women friends that they do not prefer an UberMOTO because of the close proximity with a stranger – the driver – required as a pillion rider.

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