Wallets for the Urban Men

Wallets are a tricky pick for most urban men. There’s too much plastic – few credit cards and a zillion loyalty cards – that adds to the weight, and the awkward bulge comes across as a lump in your ass when you keep it in the back pocket of your jeans or trousers. No wonder, I see many of my friends pull it out when they sit at a restaurant table or in the car.

While the traditional one-fold wallets have been the most popular, they are an awkward accessory for young men these days. The United Colors of Benetton one I have is very chic, but I haven’t used it in a long while. A two-fold one, the Timberland one that I’ve got, is even more awkward, and doesn’t fit even the regular cards.

For a long while, I’ve been using long wallets from Hidesign and Da Milano. These offer distinct advantage. Most have a dedicated sleeve for all the plastic, and you can keep your currency notes flat without the need for a fold. They are also very handy in travel since they accommodate your passport, boarding passes, and even maps. The only issue with them is, obviously the size. When you are out shopping, it’s a hassle to hold the long wallet, phone, and the shopping bags.

Few months back, I started using a money clip. I bought a cheap metal one from eBay to get used to one before I could buy a nice one I spotted at William Penn. It’s a good utility, especially for quick access to notes and cards. A big disadvantage is that you can’t carry a zillion cards so I’d have to be limited to the credit and debit cards I have, and my Starbucks card.


After almost deciding that I’d stick with a handy wallet like money clip, I discovered Dosh, the designer accessory brand from Australia that offers some fine wallets – a tad expensive though.

It’s chic, utility, and perfect size. I think, I’d enjoy this longer than most experiments. Check out the video for a quick review and a run through of using the wallet.

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