Tips for Urban Cycling

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Few months back, I finally fulfilled the long-pending wish to own a bike. I now ride a Firefox Cyclone to meetings, local market, and sometimes just like that. I’ll start with the obvious disclaimer that these tips come from an amateur biker. Never hurts to reinforce the obvious sometimes, though.

  • Follow the traffic rules. Of course, the Motor Vehicles Act does not apply on cycles, but it works out in your own favour. Stop at red lights, drive on the right side of the road, avoid riding the opposite way in one-ways, you get the drift! Don’t abuse the liberty that comes with a bike.
  • If you are venturing out a distance or to a busy area, wear a helmet. If you ride in the dark frequently, get yourself a bike lamp.
  • Don’t hang carry-bags on your bike’s handle! I’ve seen so many people do it. Get a saddle bag or keep a foldable sling bag or something that you can get on your shoulder or back when you venture out.
  • If you ride a lot in a hot or humid city, carry a water bottle. I prefer Gatorade, but you can have anything similar. If you use a bottle holder on the bike’s tube, carry a cheap sipper so that you can leave it on the bike when you get indoors, and you wouldn’t mind if somebody steals it.
  • If you listen to music on your rides like I do, keep the volume to mid-level. While high volume on a nice headset would really give you the kick, it would also cancel all the noise on the road including somebody honking at you or a vehicle going past by you.
  • If you like to measure if you are improving your riding speeds or the distance covered, use fitness applications like Endomondo or Runkeeper on your smartphones. They are fun, and you can stack up your rides with your friends.

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