Missing Girl Found: Social Media Put to Good Use

What an awesome social media success story!
A young girl  ran away from home; daughter of a Microsoft employee.
The internal discussion lists spread the message and then social media took over. Several Microsoft folks tweeted and posted updates about the missing girl.
A manager at Fairwood Safeway saw her picture and recognized her, called it in and the family immediately went to pick her up.
Big props to the entire Microsoft community who tweeted, posted, shared or otherwise spread the word about this little girl – what a fantastic bunch of people you are!
A message from her mom:
A manager at Fairwood Safeway called us and thought she recognized her- we drove over and it was her- we ran in and got her. She is so tired, dirty and scared- she slept on a sidewalk outside the library last night. She is home, she is safe- thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers and well wishes and sharing the information, I know that it was all the immediate help, love and care that brought her home.
I’ve avoided taking names of the people involved in the post. Let’s respect their privacy.

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