Channel 9 Live at MIX 10

WHAT: The Channel 9 crew will be broadcasting live, unscripted and 100% interactive from The Commons on Days 1 & 2 of MIX 2010 in Las Vegas.

WHY: Not everyone can make it to MIX10 in person and bump into Bill Buxton or The Gu for a quick chat in the corridor. Channel 9 Live provides those unable to attend with an opportunity to be a part of the MIX experience and converse directly with executives, presenters and technology leaders.

WHO: Joining us on stage will be Scott Guthrie, Joe Belfiore, Bill Buxton, Dean Hachamovich, Charlie Kindel, Albert Shum, Doug Purdy, Erik Meijer and many more.

WHEN: The live stream begins immediately following the keynotes

  • March 15 From 10:30AM PST to 5:30PM
  • March 16 From 10:30AM PST to 5:30PM

WHERE: Same URL as the keynotes:

Once the keynotes end just keep watching; Channel 9 Live will begin streaming automatically


You can view the full schedule of sessions here:–Who-What-Why-When-and-How/


HOW to participate: We’ll be accepting questions and interacting live via Twitter (@ch9live) as well as the Channel 9 Coffee House.


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