What’s new with Photosynth

Design Refresh: new home page and styles

With this design we can react to great and topical synths as soon as they are published. We will be changing the “hero” synth every few days, and the “featured” synths at least every week.

Much Better Search

We’ve much improved the search on our site, and now allow you to sort the results by synth quality, popularity, date, author – not just by how well the search terms matched. Click below to try it yourself.

Great “Highlights” and Path Planning

This was actually introduced in our April update, but since we haven’t sent out a blast to the DLs for a couple of milestones you may have missed it. To see how the “highlight strip” on the right automatically moves you around the synth, click on the image below and try it yourself. We introduced highlights to allow the owner of a synth to direct people to the best parts, and also to make navigation significantly easier. Here are a few other examples you might want to try: The Harlequin Beetle, Mt Rushmore, New Seuss Art. If you like these, please consider going back to your own great synths and try adding highlights.  Tell us what you think!

(via a mail from David Gedye, Photosynth Group Program Manger, Microsoft)

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