‘I’M A Windows 7 PC’ Stickers ready to be shipped!

The sticker giveaway that I announced earlier this month ends, but there are no winners 🙁

That’s because each of you who commented to that post – Manan, Nirmal, Annis, Priyam, and Ashwin – gets the sticker 🙂

Would request each of you to to email me your shipping address at abby@baxiabhishek.info. The stickers are long, and are awkward for regular sized envelopes. So, I’ve packed them in a funny manner. Kindly adjust.

6 thoughts on “‘I’M A Windows 7 PC’ Stickers ready to be shipped!

  1. @Trouble BubbleVery stable, even if it is in beta… and pleasant change from Vista. Let me know if you need a few stickers for yourself 🙂

  2. That would be pretty awesome to have since I just upgraded to 7. Was annoyed to find no sticker when I opened the case… I even took the Vista sticker off my PC and cleaned it… Dang.

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