I’M A Windows 7 PC

Wonderful stickers for my two notebooks running Windows 7. Thank you Windows team at Microsoft.

I also sneaked in a few more to give away here. Say Yay! Spreading the PC love on Valentine’s eve.

All you need to do is, leave a comment here with your email address.

The comment can be anything about PC or Windows (saying nice things about me, asking me out (girls only), lunches, movies, and similar stuff ofcourse would jack up your chances).

I’ll post an update here, and also email the selected few.

Make sure you spread the word around.

10 thoughts on “I’M A Windows 7 PC

  1. i know you’re a nice guy… and you’d get a beer when u come down to BLR!!! so yeah, there goes… i need the win7 stickies! :-)– ChaoTheCruisemaniac.P.S: I dont use hotmail!!! It took me 10 whole mins to figure out the email id… do mail me at ashwin [daaawwt] murali [awt] gmail

  2. Hi abhishek.. what shud i say.. bt windows i use it and have a Legit Copy 🙂 Abt u… i dnt knw… but u surely reply very less 2 me on twitter… now i also can’t ask u out and lunch dinner movies or nything am open 2 it if u r ready 2 treat me out 😛 So basically this comment was only 2 get my hands on those stickers… 😀 my email malhotra[DOT]priyam[AT]gmail[DOT]com So i hope i will get the stickers along with and invitation 2 lunch at a 5Star and movie in d Platinum Lounge… Btw am i xpecting 2 much?? If yes, then am doing the right thing 😀 😛

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