The starry bloggers

Several Indian film actors and directors have in recent past taken to blogging. There are a few great actors and directors who aren’t regular at blogging (like Anupam Kher, John Abraham, etc.) and few doofus also-rans who are regular bloggers (like Celina Jaitley, Payal Rohtagi, etc.); and all of these I stay clear off.

Here is the list of worthy blogs from the Indian film industry. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone who’s interesting enough to be read.

  • Amitabh Bachchan
    • BIG Blog @
    • Few argue over the actor’s greatness, and when the legend starts blogging, it becomes a national obsession. News reports are made out of his very frequent posts. The huge fan-base takes it as an opportunity to interact with him, as evident from the huge number of comments on each post.
    • Blogs on movies, opinions on national issues, open letters to media, travelogues, etc.
  • Aamir Khan
    • @
    • With Amitabh Bachchan, he shares the status of being India’s most prolific celebrity blogger. He has also hosted live chats in the past with the visitors through his site.
    • Blogs on his movies, shoots, and the making.
  • Shekhar Kapur
  • Anurag Kashyap
    • My Diary @
    • One of the most talented writer–director in the industry, Anurag has done some exceptional work in what I perceive as independent/alternative cinema.
    • Blogs on movies mostly.
  • Ram Gopal Verma
    • My Blog @
    • RGV may have had a hit from media and fans over his recent eccentric movies, but gets my respect for some tremendous work on the other end of his diverse spectrum.
    • Blogs on movies, and life around it.
  • Manoj Bajpayee

New ‘kids’ on the block:

  • Shilpa Shetty
    • I’ve never been a fan like everybody else, but her meteoric rise on the celebrity scale merits her presence in the list. I also appreciate her nice personal website. If only, all celebrities were that considerate for their fans.
  • Farhan Akhtar
    • Farhan’s started blogging for his TV Show, ‘Oye! It’s Friday’.

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