Digital Consultant

At baxiabhishek & partners, I work on web, social media, and mobile strategy for brands, organizations, and local businesses.

Technology Columnist

Contributor at Forbes. Editor at On MSFT.

Previously, contributing writer for GizmodoAndroidAuthority, Windows Central, Android Central, TechRadar, BGR, ZDNet, Mint, and Hindustan Times.

Podcast Host

I host The String, a show where I talk about the intersection of technology and culture.


Frequent speaker on digital media, consumer technology, and mobility. I take guest lectures on content strategy, content marketing, and digital media for students and professionals.

Community Advocate

Bootstrapping, managing, and engaging online and offline communities. Gurgaon Book Club is my latest indulgence, which I founded a few years ago.

Overall Nice Guy

Wannabe cool dad.
Geek. Gadget-hoarder. Ex-Microsoftie. Indian.
Cricket is dope
; SRT is God.
Loves to travel; road trips are a high.
Foodaholic; all trips are food trips. Love Movies; a bit of movie geek.
Amateur astronomer.
Old school, not millenial
Opinionated; बोल के लब आज़ाद हैं तेरे, बोल के ज़बाँ अब तक तेरी है।